1h 45m 2020


Aisha Davids (65) is a single mother who raised four headstrong sons in the middle-class Muslim suburb of Rylands, Cape Town. After the tragedy of losing their father, the four brothers went their separate ways when their father's death led to a fallout over the family business. Since the rift, Aisha has attempted to bring her boys back together for Eid-al-Fitr and the boys have turned her down. But this year, there's more to it - Aisha has a new lease on life with a new romance, and it's getting serious. Now, she's intent on introducing Albertus to her family over the Eid long weekend, as Eid may be the only excuse to get them all under one roof. But of course, the real reason is that she needs the boys' approval if she is to take a new husband - Over the course of a (very) long weekend, tradition will intersect with the unpacking of skeletons and resentments. And while battle lines are drawn, Aisha will try her best to hold it all together and re-instil the family values and traditions she raised her sons with.

Director: Amy Jephta

Genres: Comedy, Drama

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